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Wood-fired bakery & Dinners

in historic downtown Vergennes, Vermont



Vergennes Laundry is a world class, wood-fired bakery and restaurant serving brunch and dinner in an intimate light-filled setting in historic downtown Vergennes, Vermont. VL features the finest local ingredients and flavors. 

Eat Together

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.


Since its inception, Vergennes Laundry has become a destination for foodies in Vermont and those visiting from afar. 

Award-winning Chef Christian Kruse continues the tradition of featuring only the finest ingredients in Vergennes Laundry’s creations. Kruse and his staff craft local ingredients into wood-fired breakfast pastries, hearty breads and elegant multi-course dinners.

Kruse comes to own Vergennes Laundry after a more than a decades long run as executive chef at the noted Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes. While there, Kruse was named Chef of the Year in Vermont, and was invited to cook at that the prestigious James Beard House in New York City. 

“We look forward to continuing many of the favorites that attracted a loyal following over the years for Vergennes Laundry. At the same time we’ll work to put our own stamp on the menu and experience that is Vergennes Laundry,” said Kruse. “Most importantly, we want to expose people to new flavors and foods that delight them and keeping them coming back for more.”


The Kitchen




Prior to purchasing Vergennes Laundry, award-winning Chef Christian Kruse was the executive Chef at the Basin Harbor Club for over a decade. In addition to being named Chef of the Year in Vermont, on invitation Kruse has cooked at the prestigious James Beard Foundation House in New York City. 



Brenes joins Kruse at Vergennes Laundry after cooking alongside him at the Basin Harbor Club for several years. “Juan is the back bone of my success hands down. He is my wing-man and right-hand man and couldn't ask for anyone else to help me with my new venture and dream. He brings in a level of experience that is hard to find,” said Kruse.



Chamberlain joins the team at Vergennes Laundry after three seasons at Basin Harbor. 

“Rebecca had big shoes to fill from the previous owner and I can honestly say, she has lived up to every expectation and more! 

Since we opened, her skills and dedication of her baking, to the creation of our pastries continue to be raved upon on a daily basis,”
said Kruse.